Our Story

Travel a few years into the past, and you’ll find them both at the same fundraiser, an Easter bonnet parade. One had a hat full of Barbies, and the other had a hat full of flowers. They were 5 feet apart, yet neither knew the other existed.

Fast forward to 2013, where you’ll find Jason and one of his best friends shopping at the mall. They were there as often as you’d expect two friends who like to shop would be. This day they noticed a hat shop they hadn’t seen before. Walking in would change the lives of two people forever.

Here, Jason met Jerry, who would help him find the perfect hat to keep him warm at the bus stop. They caught each others’ eye, but timing wasn’t right.

From this point, Jason couldn’t help but shop for hats. On visits to the store, they chatted like they were old friends, getting to know each other and discovering common interests.

Over time, their friendship expanded beyond the boundaries of the store. When Jerry finally asked Jason on a date, it was with a twinkle in his eye that said he felt the same thumpity-thump in his heart that Jason did when they were together.

After several dates, it was as if their souls had been acquainted for a lifetime. Others seemed to know what they did not – that they were in love – deeply and magnificently.

For Jerry, it was as if a light had been turned on inside his heart. For Jason, the part of his heart he didn’t know was empty was running over with joy.

Curling up on the couch to watch a movie, cooking meals together or painting the town fuchsia were equally as amazing, because they were moments spent together.

Their time became each other’s time, and their lives began to merge into one.

A short time into their relationship, they realized they had a once-in-a-lifetime love. Neither of them expected it, but they knew it was real.

One evening, Jason came home from work to the aroma of one of his favorite meals. Jerry made fried chicken for the first time, and put together a meal he knew would make Jason incredibly happy.

When plates were clean, Jerry asked Jason a question that had been on both their minds.

Presenting Jason with a ring, Jerry asked, “Will you?” The look on Jason’s face was enough, but Jason nodded and with joyous tears, said “Yes!”

The life that has grown together is full of blessings, from the two beautiful fur babies, Quihzz & Smudge who they love and in return love them dearly, to friends and family who hold them close (and they, them).

Their marriage is the fulfillment of two dreams that have come together to form one life, built on happiness, joy and love.

xoxo, Jason & Jerry

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